History warns us to be wary of a leader who...

  1. Pretends to be a "man of the people" but detests working men & women
  2. Acts like a dealmaker but easily breaks promises
  3. Ignores experts but it said to be "seduced by himself" during his own speeches
  4. Calls for opponents to be locked up but frets about getting convicted himself
  5. Manipulates the media for personal gain but attacks the "lying press" as enemies
  6. Vows to root out corruption but abuses official powers
  7. Claims to have the best lieutenants but surrounds himself with sycophants
  8. Relishes supporters' violence but keeps enough distance to avoid charges of incitement
  9. Knows small lies aren't believable but "big lies" become gospel
  10. Builds his cause around a pledge to make the country great again, while threatening its very foundations.

There's a reason that nobody in the Republican Party cares that the Republican controlled Congress isn't making any policy, say.

There's a reason nobody knows what Donald Trump's policy is on Gaza, say.

There's a reason nobody in the Republican Party is contesting what's going on with Joe Biden because they have a different idea for what we should be doing on infrastructure.

There's just no governing talk happening at all in the Republican Party.

It's instead about this idea that America is a disaster.

America is in decline, America is being laughed at, America is humiliated, and there must be extreme measures taken to fundamentally change the course of the country or we're all going to die.

Those are just two different things.

And what that latter thing is ... is not the project of a governing party.

It's a project of a party that is trying to get rid of the form of government that we have and install something else.

-Rachel Maddow